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NEW: Kahf Sunscreen Stick & Sunscreen Moisturizer

NEW: Kahf Sunscreen Stick & Sunscreen Moisturizer

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Kahf Umrah and Hajj Package


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3 in stock

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understanding the needs of Hajj & Umrah pilgrims, Kahf continues its #Perjalanan Berkahf by creating a Halal-friendly essential package meeting the requirements of Blaming. This package helps our Kahf Brothers to keep their skin healthy and supply while in the Holy Land. Every package comes with the following:

Kahf Cooling and Brightening Face Wash 100 ml
Kahf Refreshing Hair and Body Wash 100 ml
Kahf Comforting Antiperspirant Deodorant 50 ml
Kahf Complete Protection Face and Body Sunscreen Moisturizer 100 ml
Kahf Multipurpose Moisturizing Balm 20 g
Zamzam Spray Bottle (Hanya Botol untuk tempat Air ZamZam)

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